"Hao Mall Auto Parts" franchise officially launched!

In 2020, Hao Mall Auto Parts (Hangzhou) co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Carzone co., Ltd., formally launched its ‘Hao Mall Auto Parts Franchise’ brand cooperation system, the supply chain system, warehouse distribution system, information system, training system, brand share cooperation system, to build ‘Hao Mall Auto Parts Chain’ brand, and invites all partners in the country to join us. Adhering to NEW CARZONE's mission of ‘Ensure safety, through proper car operations’ to build ‘Hao Mall’ brand ‘comprehensive, fast, good products’ one-stop supply chain service and enabling platform. Relying on the NEW CARZONE’s current 33 regional distribution centers in nearly 2800 districts nationwide, quicker and more comprehensive support would be provided by NEW CARZONE to ‘Hao Mall’ auto parts chain.

More focused category structure, more sunken market direction, more broad prospects!

‘Hao Mall Auto Parts’ aims to provide ‘One-stop solution for the maintenance parts demand within 100,000 kilometers". The product structure concentrates upon more high-frequency categories and lightweight SKU structure; deeper market position and customized brand category coverage allow partners to satisfy the local demand with lower investments; the first batch of stock support and other supports create incomparable start up opportunities to you. Open your auto parts shop, it’s not such difficult as your thought!

More open platform, more accessible business opportunities, better choice!

Different from the normal chain model, ‘Hao Mall Auto Parts’ will combine with the actual situation of partners: in addition to enjoying the private brand products provided by the platform, partners can also freely choose other international well-known brand products to expand the personalized category structure to meet the different needs of the local market. Because category positioning is more concentrated, coupled with the strong supports from NEW CARZONE, the first batch of region will be provided special supports from ‘Hao Mall auto parts’ of the franchise fee and the minimum amount of stock, so that partners can easily pass the market barrier. Big platform, good choice!

Specialist Coaching, system aid, comprehensive support, set up a shop is no longer difficult!

After the partners join the ‘Hao Mall parts’ cooperation system, they will get promotion support, specialist coaching and other multi-parties’ support. Using intelligent system and big data platform aid, you are able to operate the store from stock, sales, inventory system, capital management, customer management, in order to accurately match the needs of customers, mobile code will aid inbound, outbound and inventory. According to the sales order, purchase order will be generated automatically, easily query the car number to look up parts and get purchase price, recommended sales price, historical deal price. System functions such as user operation dashboard and business reports will help you have a comprehensive understanding of the operational efficiency, customer and customer requirements. 

‘Hao Mall auto parts’ brand is not only able to help partners to solve the problems of technical barriers to business via information technology, but also has a strong supply chain system, domestic and foreign direct purchasing resources, self-running professional efficient logistics, exclusive brand channel sinking, comprehensive training guidance, and such one-stop supports will ensure that partners have no worries for shop opeartion.

Good policies, good genes, good products, good systems! Better business opportunities have arrived

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