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NEW CARZONE defends Bosch Annually Outstanding Contribution Award in aftermarket

Time:2022-01-13   Visits:532

On January 11th, 2022, the ‘inspiration, innovation, leading the future’-2022 Bosch automotive after-sales conference was held in the beautiful city, Zhuhai, NEW CARZONE is invited to attend and defend Bosch Annually Outstanding Contribution Award in the aftermarket again.


Bosch shared the achievements of the past year and the breakthrough the growth of aftermarket business in 2021, showed appreciation to all partners for the support all long. Meanwhile, the new supply chain service products were released, the solution for supporting new energy vehicles also aroused an enthusiastic response.

NEW CARZONE has been closely cooperating with Bosch for more than 20 years, Bosch is regarded as an important strategic partner of NEW CARZONE. As an internationally well-known technology and service provider, Bosch has been supplying brake, battery, spark plug, filter, wiper, and many other products for NEW CARZONE, including the joint launch of Bosch "Hercule" series of high-performance maintenance-free battery is recognized and welcomed by the market. For a long time, Bosch has always worked with NEW CARZONE to provide professional technical support and service guarantee to the garages, so that the terminal owners can enjoy the excellent brand experience.


In 2022, NEW CARZONE will continue to deepen the development of parts supply chain networks covering the whole country, more and more Tmall AutoCare will be launched, and new attempts will be made in the terminal chain. In the following year, NEW CARZONE will continue to work with Bosch to provide the whole series of professional services from products to projects for garages, and is committed to the realization of the great vision of "let all car owners carefree".Moving forward hand in hand, face the opportunities and challenges, create infinite possibilities together, and lead the future of the industry!