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Bright Future Ahead ---- BP Lubricant New Upgrades

Time:2021-04-14   Visits:658

On March 25, 2021, the newly upgraded API SP series of BP lubricants was published in Nanjing. Senior representatives from both parties, including Mr. Shang Baoguo, the CEO of New Carzone, and Mr. Chen Qing, the general manager of automotive sales of Castrol Lubricants in China, attended the press conference and witnessed this exciting moment.


In this new strategic improvement between New Carzone and BP, Castrol makes full use of its mobile pioneering technology. The brand-new BP Weishico lubricant will adopt the newly upgraded chemical formula, new bottle shape design and new label design, aiming for better driving experience. At the same time, its bottle cap is equipped with an upgraded version of anti-counterfeiting label to provide consumers with a certified guarantee of authenticity. The newly upgraded BP series products will continue to provide customers with high quality and safe products and service.


As a professional high-end lubricant brand, BP has a solid foundation in the Chinese market with its unique strength and high-quality products. BP lubricants have been recognized by the industry and trusted by consumers. As a professional aftermarket service provider, New Carzone has also established more than 1,100 directly-operated auto parts service centers in 30 provinces across China in 2021, and recruited over 10,000 employees providing professional services to garages.


New Carzone and BP Castrol, as two industry innovative leaders in the aftermarket and lubricant fields, look forward to meet the differentiated demands of the market with high-quality services and excellent quality products, create more valuable service experiences for consumers, and jointly establish a brand new standard of product supply and service in the automotive aftermarket.