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NEW CARZONE and WANLI TIRE officially reached a strategic cooperation, furtherly enhancing the tire

Time:2022-01-10   Visits:468

On 6th January, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between NEW CARZONE and WANLI TIRE was held in WANLI TIRE Co., LTD in Hefei. The strategic cooperation confirmed that the APTANY brand of WANLI TIRE was authorized to sell exclusively to NEW CARZONE. Mr. Cao Xiandong GM of WANLI TIRE, Mr. Shang Baoguo CEO of NEW CARZONE, and other relevant managers attended the signing ceremony.

As the largest tire manufacturer in Southern China and one of the top 50 tire enterprises in the world, WANLI TIRE has established a professional tire research institute and owns up to 186 patents, filling more than 30 technical gaps in the tire industry worldwide. Moreover, there is the first intelligent manufacturing factory in the whole field, the whole automation, and low emission set a new benchmark for intelligent manufacturing in the tire industry. Branding of "WANLI" for the global market, "APTANY" for the global replacement market, "Diamond" for the domestic market, and "SUNNY" for the overseas market.

As an integrated professional service provider for the automotive aftermarket, NEW CARZONE has set up more than 1300 parts supply outlets nationwide to ensure the "30 minutes" delivery of customer needs within the region. "Tmall Autocare" chain project deeply integrates Alibaba's ecosystem, NEW CARZONE auto parts supply chain, and F6 technology, and other resources to establish a "standard, transparent and guaranteed" service purpose. By the end of 2021, it has attracted investment and expanded to more than 1,700 Tmall Autocare across the country. Cooperate with garages to create a new retail service brand of automobile aftermarket that is trusted by consumers and integrated online and offline, and create a new service pattern of automobile aftermarket integrating repair and fitting.

This strategic cooperation agreement, marked the purchase the supply ability of brand category of the wheels to further upgrade. Since the launch of the tire category in 2019, NEW CARZONE through the parts supply network throughout the country, including tires and many categories of products to the garages, and the suppliers together to provide professional pre-sale, after-sales service and profit solutions for the garages, moving toward to the great vision of making all car owners careless! 2.jpg